Day 6: Blacksburg Best Of

by James

I don’t have time to do a full update for Day 6, so here’s a Best Of:

  • Short ride from Roanoke into Blacksburg up some damn steep mountain roads. Passed a patch of donkeys in a valley. I yelled "EEYORE!" more times than I'd like to admit.

  • Took my bike into a shop, Hokie Spokes, which I highly recommend. I just wanted to use the guy's table vice to get my freewheel off, but he ended up truing my wheel (after banging on it with both a rubber mallet and a hammer) and replacing a spoke nipple and tube. A few times I questioned his handy-work and all times I got back responses like, "yeah, we can do it that way if you want to half-ass it," and, "look, man, I don't have to do this for you." His name is Dave and we ended up getting along well. I liked his honest demeanor and he did damn good work for a reasonable price.

  • Met up with our good friend Sam, who had slept four hours in the past three days. He took us to a gyro bar where we were served greasy, delicious lamb by a girl wearing shorts that said "HOO-AH" on the bum. She looked like she could break your arm and then apologize for it afterwards.

  • Returned to Sam's place, raided his fridge. We retooled and repacked, dropping around forty pounds in frivolous weight. Some items abandoned were

    • Soy sauce in an 8oz glass bottle
    • boombox
    • cast-iron pans
    • logic and languages text
    • onion
    • skippy peanut butter jar (creamy)

    I adjusted my rear derailleur and saddle. The trip is now about three times easier.

  • Ordered pizza and watched TV with Sam and friends, which was very relaxing.

  • Conked on Sam's floor. Slept like a toddler at church.

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