We made it!


On July 14, 2011, Mike and I rolled across the golden gate bridge... read more.

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  • Recapitulation

    ArrivalOn July 14, 2011, Mike and I rolled across the golden gate bridge. We’d traveled just under 3600 miles from when we’d started our trip in northern Virginia, 59 days prior. When we were halfway across the bridge, my front... read more.

  • Temporary hiatus due to broken laptop

    As I write this, my laptop battery shows a charge of 11%. That 11% is the last I’ll get out of it until I send the laptop back to Asus’ shop in Taiwan for repairs, which, in all likelihood, will... read more.

  • Day 38: Tough road to Westcliffe

    Day 38, June 24th; morning light streamed into a bedroom and I sensed nothing but quiet. I rolled around, trying to forget what day it was and what I knew the day would entail.That day, we’d be leaving Pueblo and... read more.

You're doing what?

One night in the dead of January, I met my friend Mike Atkins in a bar called Galaxy Hut in Alexandria, VA. After settling down with a few brews, Mike told me about a plan he had to ride across the United States on his bicycle.

I didn't know anything about bicycles, but I knew this was a fantastic idea. I leapt at it. The two of us immediately got me situated with some gear and we got to training. And now here we are, ready to leave on May 18. Within these pages is our story, some information on how we got bootstrapped (as cheaply as possible!), and a daily log of our trip.