Temporary hiatus due to broken laptop

by James

As I write this, my laptop battery shows a charge of 11%. That 11% is the last I’ll get out of it until I send the laptop back to Asus’ shop in Taiwan for repairs, which, in all likelihood, will take close to two months.

Needless to say, this throws a wrench into the production of posts and the upload of pictures. Coincidental that such a failure should happen just as I gear up to repay a serious writing deficit that was encouraged by long days spent riding across the barren deserts of Utah and Nevada.

Our clever machinery has actually hurt us here: because of the software that Mike and I wrote to generate the elevation profiles and because of our slick workflow (publish via git, hosting by github, etc.), the environment required to post is very particular and very Linux-based. Rabbit, my netbook, is all set up to accommodate this. Library computers are not; far from it.

I’m still deciding how to handle this. I’ll assuredly be cranking out posts for later transcription to the net (since I want mitigate the toll that time takes on memory), but probably in longhand, on paper, since I no longer have a laptop and I sure as hell won’t be doing writing on my cell phone1. Pictures may not hit flickr for a few weeks.

While I’m at it, I might as well mention that Bob Barker found a serious bug in the website: for a long time, the link to my email in the page footers has been to an incorrect email address. This has been fixed; I apologize to anyone who has tried to send me an email and received no response.

The site isn’t dead, but it’s sure in a coma. Thanks for reading so far. I’ve really enjoyed posting and hopefully will figure out a way to continue to do so.

James, at 6%

  1. Despite a popular trend in Japan

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