We were relatively relaxed when it came to training. Both of us bike commute to school for approximately a 30 mile trip, three days a week. In addition, we sporadically did some weekend rides which were sometimes documented as well as an overnight trip in Southeastern North Carolina.

In January 2011, though, James hadn't touched a bike in a few years. This relaxed training regime worked because we had a solid few months to do it. Had we not started preparing in the winter, we'd project the length of the trip a lot higher than 56 days.

  • Day -2: The Weatherman Always gets the Last Laugh.

    Since James was too hungover after our going away party the previous night, TStephens, Dennis, Nottingham and I decided to spend a splendid day biking in spite of an ominous weather report.We met up in Clarendon and headed out to... read more.

  • Day -12: DC Antics.

    Fueled by the realization that the semester is almost over, James, Vanessa and I managed to book it from Fairfax to DuPont circle just in time to miss the departure of the DC critical mass ride. However, with some expert... read more.

  • Day -26: Ride with Will B.

    Met up with Will Bartlett in at the Caboose in Vienna for a nice, hilly ride through McLean and Arlington. Lots of steep grades and two bananas. We initially planned on going at a leisurely pace, but we didn’t.Things to... read more.