Our Route

This is a sketch of what we plan to do. If you want to see exactly what we do as we do it, check out our daily logs.

A few points

  • We leave on Wednesday May 18 2011.

  • The length of the trip is projected at 56 days; we didn't budget in any rest days, since we have no idea how many will be necessary. We may also spend a few days tooling around a few particularly cool areas as per recommendations we've received:

    • Lake Tahoe
    • Napa Valley, CA
    • Tulsa, OK

    We'd love to hear about any other places worth getting to know.

  • We're assuming we'll average 60 miles per day. This will certainly vary based on the day's elevation change. It isn't as ambitious as it sounds.

  • Once we get to San Francisco, we'll be bumming around for a week or so. This will probably entail sleeping in parks, meeting characters, and experiencing vagrancy in what must be the closest city to a b&b for homeless. We'll fly back when we get tired, run out of money, or hit the end of July.

  • We'll mostly be camping, "stealth" and otherwise. We're of course on the lookout for people on couchsurfing.org who're brave enough to put us up for a night. The main aim here is to mitigate costs, with "meet interesting people" at a close second. Motels will be avoided.