Day -12: DC Antics.

by Mike

Fueled by the realization that the semester is almost over, James, Vanessa and I managed to book it from Fairfax to DuPont circle just in time to miss the departure of the DC critical mass ride. However, with some expert navigation and luck, we managed to meet up with the mass near K street. From there, some older couple on a tandem took control of the mass and led us on some tedious route. Eventually, Vanessa and I managed to wrangle control and take the mass to “Future Park.” That managed to kill the ride and get everyone else lost since no one ever goes to Southwest.

In classic James fashion, we had been biking for the entire evening without eating anything. Fortunately, Amsterdam Falafel was only halfway across the city, so we went there for me to fail to convince a drunk guy that although there was no meat in the Falafel, it was still delicious.

Then there was beer.

Beer allowed us to determine that my bike can carry the weight of two adults without issue as well as allow us to sleep in someone’s place in Foggy Bottom.

After 3 and a half hours of dreamless sleep, We were making breakfast and off to the Velocity Bike CoOp to meet up with TStephens and make our bikes even more awesome.

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