Day 16: Rest day at the Jordans'

by James

We did no traveling today, so I’m lacking both a map and an elevation profile.

Mike and I mostly spent the day on the sofa or at the kitchen table hunched over maps. I banged away on the netbook, trying to catch up on the dailies. My legs were humming, as though they’d been plugged into a power-outlet, which seemed to be a good thing.

Later in the day, some friends of the Jordans came over and a cookout was held. Steak was eaten, french fries were scarfed, and Mary Jean even allowed me both a piece of peach cobbler and a piece of strawberry pie for desert.

We talked for a while about our trip and then about the state of public education.

After snapping a few pictures for the blog, Mike and I retired to sleep off the pie and prepare for the road ahead.

The Jordans were incredibly sweet to us; our deepest thanks go out to them.

The Jordans and I
Left to right, top: Myself, Johnny, John, Mary Jean. Bottom: Kevin, Becky, Bailey.
Mike and the Jordans
Same, with Mike.
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